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Art Prints and Stickers by Ashlyn

Flower girl art print
smoke lady art print

Art Prints by Ashlyn 

tooth art print
rose and dagger art print

Stickers by Ashlyn

mushroom lady sticker
candy razor blade
mushroom lady sticker
this girl loves roast sticker
hell no flaming magic eight ball sticker
unable to follow your command sticker
ghost girl sticker
pokemon bong sticker
umbrella girl sicker
ticket to hell sticker
black sheep sticker

Check Out Ashlyn's Other Work

Meet Ashlyn! (She / Her) Ash is a first year junior tattoo artist. Ash apprenticed here at the Tattoo Gallery of Ocala between 2022 and 2024, and just began full time as a junior artist at the beginning of this year. 


Ash graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2021 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation. Her inspirations come a lot from nature, especially bugs, bones and flowers. Ash has a lot of skill in character design, and uses this ability to create awesome pinup designs and cartoon characters! 


Ash loves to design bold tattoos with bright colors. She is especially passionate about red, black and grey tattoos in particular, the contrast between those bright reds and dark greys are such an inspiration to her! She also loves spooky, witchy vibes anything with mushrooms, crystals, bones and animals.


Is she the right artist for you? Message the shop to book an appointment, Ash is looking forward to working with you! 

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