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Tattoo Artists

Gregg Allan Tattoo Artist / Studio Owner
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Meet Gregg!    Gregg was born and raised in Ocala, FL and has always been passionate about his art. He has spent over 20 years working on fine tuning his craft. 

Breanna Tattoo Artist

Meet Breanna! Breanna joined The Tattoo Gallery family in September 2020. She is a lifelong artist with five years of tattooing experience. 

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Check Out Gregg's Work

Check Out Breanna's Work

Chelsea Tattoo Artist
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Meet Chelsea! Chelsea joined The Tattoo Gallery family in September 2023. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Art in 2014. 

Check Out Chelsea's Work

Jaylynn Tattoo Artist
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Meet Jaylynn! Jaylynn joined The Tattoo Gallery family in June 2023, moving to The Sunshine State all the way from Utah bringing several years of tattooing experience with her!

Ashlyn Tattoo Artist
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Meet Ashlyn! (She / Her) Ash is a first year junior tattoo artist. Ash apprenticed here at the Tattoo Gallery of Ocala between 2022 and 2024, and just began full time as a junior artist at the beginning of this year. 

Amanda Tattoo Artist
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Amanda is a lifelong artist in various mediums with deep roots in digital art. As a first year tattoo artist, she welcomes opportunities to tattoo in all styles and especially favors projects that are bold and bright.

Check Out Jaylynn's Work

Check Out Ashlyn's Work

Check Out Amanda's Work

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