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What to bring / What to wear 

  • First and foremost, bring your valid state ID, drivers license, or passport. This is required for ALL services. No matter your age no ID = no tattoo.

  • Be sure to keep in mind the placement of your body art. The artist needs to be able to easily access the body area to be tattooed. Depending on body area, loose fitting comfortable clothes will make your experience much more enjoyable.

  • ALWAYS make sure to eat before your appointment. The tattooing process is much easier with a full belly!

  • Drink Water! Well hydrated skin is more accepting of the ink being applied.

  • Please do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment. Alcohol has a thinning effect on blood, which can make it more difficult for the ink to be applied. After your appointment, feel free to indulge if you chose, have one for us!

  • If you are scheduled for a large tattoo, please feel free to bring a pillow, small blanket, or jacket to help keep comfortable. If you forget, no worries! We have blankets and pillows available for use if needed.

This is an adult establishment. Children are not permitted in the studio. Please make arrangements as needed. 

Per The State of Florida Health Department no animals of any kind are permitted in the studio. Service dogs are the one exception to this rule.

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