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Black and grey bird tattoo
Things I should have said tattoo
Tattoo Artist Amanda
Black and grey floral shoulder tattoo

Amanda joined the Tattoo Gallery family in March 2024. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2020, and was set to work on her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy until Covid changed her plans (for the better!) 


Amanda is a lifelong artist in various mediums with her deepest roots in digital art. As a tattoo artist now working with permanent artwork every day, she can really appreciate the magic of an “undo button.” 

As many did to pass the time and maintain their sanity, Amanda started a  “covid project” making and selling her digital artwork as stickers, and eventually enamel pins and apparel. Once the world opened back up and she was able to showcase her bold, colorful, and whimsical art style reminiscent of tattoo flash art at art markets, she was strongly encouraged by her growing client base to seek a tattoo apprenticeship…and the rest is history! As a first year tattoo artist, she welcomes opportunities for growth and to tattoo in all styles. She especially favors projects as bold and bright as her digital illustrations. 


Amanda works hard to provide not only a quality tattoo but also a pleasant environment to her clients. Tattoos can be stressful, and its a personal goal of hers to remove as many stressors around the process to create a positive experience. With Costa Rican and Puerto Rican heritage, she is also fluent in Spanish for those who might be more comfortable communicating with their artist in their first or stronger language. 

Watercolor Medusa Tattoo
Enamel Pin

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