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color We the People Tattoo
hip Flower tattoo
cover up tattoo
color clipper ship cover up tattoo
paw print watercolor tattoo
elephant and mandala knee tattoo
black and grey Clipper Ship tattoo
polynesian tattoo
tree of life back tattoo
custom wall mural

Tattoos by Gregg

Gregg Allan tattoo artist

Gregg was born and raised in Ocala, FL and has always been passionate about his art. After years of perfecting his craft, he co-founded The Tattoo Gallery of Ocala, LLC in 2015. Gregg is a master of many styles of tattooing, including traditional, neo-traditional, illustrative, realism, color, Polynesian, and black and grey. He is also an expert in cover ups and loves to create large scale designs. Gregg’s passion for art is evident in everything he does and he is always looking to push the boundaries of his creativity. He is a true artist at heart and always strives to create the perfect piece for his clients.

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