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Floral Tattoos by Ashlyn

Nature has a way of calming and inspiring us, and what better way to show it than a tattoo? A timeless way of expressing yourself intimately and deeply, flower tattoos allow people to connect with and honor the beauty we find in nature. Whether a single bloom or intricately laced together array of wildflowers, anyone can find a style and meaning that speaks to them. Get creative with a unique design to honor your own personal growth and beauty, and keep your connection to nature close with a beautiful and meaningful tattoo.

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Check Out Ashlyn's Other Work

Ashlyn joined The Tattoo Gallery of Ocala in June 2022 as a tattoo apprentice. She has been working with her mentors Gregg and Breanna ever since to learn the ins and outs of the tattoo world.  She is now entering in to her first year as an official tattoo artist! Ashlyn graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on animation in 2021. She enjoys creating bright and bold tattoos, and with her background in fine arts she is fully capable of creating realistic and elegant designs too! Give her a challenge, she's ready for what you got!

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