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Jewelry & Mandala Tattoos by Jaylynn

Black and grey floral jewelry tattoo designed and tattooed by Jaylynn

The mandala is a powerful and meaningful symbol that has been an integral part of certain cultures for centuries. Representing wholeness, oneness, and balance, it is no surprise that many people have been drawn to the complex shapes and intricate designs of mandalas.

Black and grey mandala tattoo designed and tattooed by Jaylynn

Jewelry tattoos are the perfect choice for those looking to make a statement. With so many options from playful necklaces and intricate bracelets to sleek and sexy anklets, there’s something for every style.

Black and grey mandala jewelry tattoo designed and tattooed by Jaylynn
Black and grey mandala jewelry back piece tattoo designed and tattooed by Jaylynn

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Jaylynn joined The Tattoo Gallery family in June 2023. She packed up her whole world and moved to The Sunshine State all the way from Utah. In December 2023 she left The Tattoo Gallery to expand her horizons and spent the next five months living and exploring abroad in beautiful Japan. We are thrilled to have Jaylynn back with us after her exciting adventure in Japan!


Jaylynn dedicated her time to her apprenticeship in Utah and graduated her apprenticeship in 2020 She has been creating stunning tattoos ever since. Jaylynn is a talented tattoo artist who specializes whimsical, abstract, macabre, and illustrative designs. Her love for black work shines through in her stunning creations, but she also enjoys experimenting with color. Her favorite subjects include animals, plants, illustrative portraits, and spooky themes. When she's not tattooing, Jaylynn enjoys painting, reading, and watching horror films. Being able to create with others, share ideas, embrace learning, and putting her all into custom pieces is what makes her happiest in tattooing! Come visit us and collaborate with Jaylynn to create a custom piece that you'll love!

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