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Color Tattoos by Gregg

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful. Color tattoos are always a great option for tattoo collectors.  

geometric landscape tattoo
university of florida band aid tattoo
eeyore tattoo
shrimp tattoo
koi fish tattoo sleeve
back of knee flower tattoo

Color work is often the boldest way to show off your tattoo. The bright and vivid colors stand out and make a statement. With each color you use, you can create a beautiful design that will last a lifetime. With the right tattoo style and size, you can achieve a unique and eye-catching design that will be sure to turn heads.

pheonix tattoo
skeleton tattoo
heart flower bouquet tattoo
we the people tattoo
jaguar tattoo
lucky cat tattoo
lion tattoo
moose tattoo
tiger lily tattoo
Cardinal tattoo
ursula tattoo
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