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Black & Grey Tattoos by Breanna

Black and grey tattoos are a timeless art form which can be used to express a variety of subjects and ideas. This style of tattooing works great for conveying contrast, allowing the imagery to pop. Black and grey is also a popular choice for realistic shapes and images such as portraits. 

sagitarius tattoo
justice tattoo
chihuahua portrait tattoo
wolf in sheeps clothing tattoo
wolf in sheeps clothing tattoo
wolf in sheeps clothing tattoo
geometric book tattoo
skull billiard ball tattoo

Black and grey tattoos have a timeless appeal, allowing the wearer to draw attention to what the tattoo represents. For those who prefer something a little more subtle, they’re the perfect option. A black and gray piece can express emotion, tell a story, or be used for more intricate designs. Regardless of what you choose, a black and gray tattoo is sure to have undeniable style and beauty.

flower tattoo
flower tattoo
fairy tattoo
butterfly tattoo
books tattoo
bugs tattoo
rose tattoo
bird tattoo
flower tattoo
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