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Black and Grey tattoos by Jaylynn

Looking for a bold, stark contrast, or intricate patterns? Black and gray tattoos are here for you. Realism, Tribal, and Blackwork are all styles of tattoos that suit themselves to this simple but never boring palette. This style of tattooing has been in existence since the very beginning of the art of tattooing. The beauty of black and gray tattoo depends on the density and spacing used to create alluring depth and layers in the design. They are Classy & Classic. There is history and class attached to black and gray tattoos. They always stay in the trend and are great to look at.

medusa tattoo
potion bottle tattoo
orange blossom tattoo
scooby doo tattoo
humpback whale tattoo
eye and flowers tattoo
flower leg sleeve tattoo
flower moon phase tattoo
bat tattoo
flower leg sleeve tattoo
flower leg sleeve tattoo
flower leg sleeve tattoo
dog tattoo
medusa tattoo
raven tattoo
flower tattoo sleeve
shark jaw tattoo
cougar tattoo
lady face tattoo
mermaid tattoo
shark teeth tattoo
flower tattoo
wolf tattoo
deer skull tattoo
hands tattoo
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