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Color Tattoos by Breanna

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful. Color tattoos are always a great option for tattoo collectors. 

Choosing the color for your tattoo is an important part of the tattoo design process. Colors can change the whole effect of the inking, can help it come to life or to replicate the original image.

Several tattoo styles gravitate towards bright color work. New school watercolor, old school, traditional, Japanese, and illustrative all heavily rely on colors to complete the work.

watercolor flamingo tattoo
butterfly tattoo
sunflower butterfly tattoo
llama tattoo
micro dragons tattoo
deer lotus tattoo
pumpkin spooky season tattoo
cover up
color realism spider tattoo
deer rabbit lotus tattoo
color owl tattoo
cover up tattoo
thors hammer tattoo
akita dog portrait tattoo
guinea pig tattoo
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